Chapter four, part two (Olivia & Sal)

WARNING: drug use depicted in this chapter.   Sean's loft was probably the most amazing place I have ever been to. The way it was decorated for the party was out of this world.. Pumpkins, candy, candles......all of it was just amazing. Even though I wasn't really a fan of Halloween, I could not help [...]

Chapter four, part one (Olivia & Sal)

Halloween in San Myshuno was always a special time. Especially when it fell on a Saturday. Normal twenty two year olds would be recovering from parties the night before and gearing up for tonight's festivities. The Arts Quarter would be filled with costumed drunks in about twelve hours. The air would smell of pumpkin spice [...]

Chapter three, part two (Ren)

      They surrounded us within seconds. I clenched my fists ready for a fight. Even though they outnumber us. I won't let them hurt Leo... Thug one: You two lost? Faggot town is about ten minutes from here. Thug two: No-one wants to see this fairy shit. Get the fuck outta here. Ren: [...]

Chapter three, part one (Ren)

WARNING: scenes of abuse and homophobia in this chapter. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I forgot its only like four o'clock It would be lame to go to a bar at this time. ...besides, the docks are nice. I never realized how quiet it was down here. Reminds me of my childhood home. Back when I was starting to [...]

Chapter three: Ren (prologue)

Almost a month now... The cool October sun was starting to set. ....Almost a month since I started my secret relationship. It was warm in this room. Warm, for two lovers who spent most of their weekend together. .... Secretly of course. I have known Leo since I was fourteen. A sad, little emo kid [...]

Chapter two, part two (Simone & Sean)

A few hours later, Olivia walked in with a new friend. Esme: Wow, you have a nice apartment. Way nicer than my studio. Olivia: Yeah we got lucky with this one. Snagged it before the rent went up in this area. Esme: I can't believe I'm saying this, but I am actually excited about tonight. [...]